1. People counters can record the number of people entering and exiting the mall

Mall people counters can record the number of people entering and leaving the mall at each main and secondary entrance and exit, count the number of people staying in the mall, and can clearly point out which location and which time the traffic flow, in the traffic flow analysis platform, by counting out the basic data of the traffic flow, people counting equipment can facilitate the manager's energy flow model, for example, a certain period of time in a certain entrance and exit traffic distribution, a certain time in the mall, a certain time in the flow of passengers, a certain time in the flow of passengers less, etc.

2. People counting technology can bring the following benefits to the mall

(1)Better management of the mall by using the various comprehensive statistics in the reports.

(2)Improve the effectiveness of publicity and advertising, and monitor the actual effectiveness of promotional activities.

(3)Get an idea of the average length of stay of customers and study new ways to increase the length of stay.

(4)Evaluate the customer appeal of the shops and determine their contribution to increasing the flow of customers in the mall.

(5)Better planning of the number of staff on duty based on the number of customers at each time of day.

(6)People counting techniques give the distribution of footfall in a given area, giving the distribution of prime locations, from which shopping malls can reallocate goods premises to maximise profits.

(7)Malls can improve sales by looking at the part of the footfall curve where anomalies occur and making contact with the time of day when the mall is happening to find out the impact of various times on footfall.

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