The application scenario of the hotel includes equity management and linen washing management. The hotel materials are highly specialized, various, and decentralized in direction. Combined with two-dimensional code and RFID technology, fixed capital is identified. The hotel is divided into different management areas according to functional areas. The RFID technology is used to realize individual blocks' material management and inventory. Any asset's whole life data tracking provides the hotel with data support for asset management decisions and improves the overall management level.

The hygienic quality of hotel linen is of great importance, and more and more hotels increase management and service in linen washing. By installing RFID chips in the linen, the labels' data can be collected in real-time in all links of recycling, washing, and delivery, improving the quality of linen washing, improving the uncontrollable phenomenon of hygiene, and helping washing companies and hotels to grasp the real-time linen dynamic better.

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