As a leading EAS manufacturer, ONTIME always spends a lot on new product research and development.

With more than 20 years experience of production and sales, we fully understand the pain point of the EAS industry, specially for the high-end store with very strict requirements on visual effect, and digital products store with very frequent product trial on phone, laptop, camera, etc.

For traditional EAS products, there is always at least one pedestal antenna at the entrance with a limitation on aisle width, and always have cables connected to the displayed phone or other digital products and cause false alarm carelessly.

Now, with ONTIME non-pedestal antenna solution, the pain can be cured.


▶ Product Composition:

1. AP Station

Can be installed on the ceiling at the entrance to protect the whole store, or installed in the store to protect a certain area.

2. Tag:

Padlock tag for clothing stores

Sticky tag for digital stores or restaurant with digital menu

▶ Features:

1. Secure store assets without taking space at the entrance installing pedestal antennas

2. Effective multi-protection on high-valued items

3. 3 modes optional , more precise protection on demand.

4. Moving detection & Data transmission for accuracy marketing purpose.

5. Super easy installation, Plug&Play!


▶ Functions

1. An AP Station has 3 working models:

①Access control mode: alarm will be triggered if the tag is moved into the detection area;

②Regional mode: alarm will be triggered if the tag is moved out of the detection area;

③Extension mode: 2 or more AP Stations can work as a group

2. Data transfers to the server when the tag movement is detected.


▶ Suggested Applications

1. Padlock Tag: Suitable for Luxury stores, Boutique, for protecting high-end products such as bags, luggage, shoes, clothing


2. Sticky Tag: Suitable for Digital stores, Restaurant, for protecting digital products such as laptop, tablets, phone, etc.


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