The boom of e-commerce does not mean the disappearance of brick-and-mortar retail because physical stores will always have better timeliness than e-commerce (I can get it immediately if I want it). Supermarkets, an essential part of the brick-and-mortars, have also encountered the impact of online shopping. In addition, problems such as slow turnover growth, bottlenecks in operational efficiency, high store theft, and time-consuming and laborious inventory have been affecting the profitability of supermarkets.

However, in the continuous innovation of information and digital technology, we have been able to help supermarkets solve these problems through various solutions, thereby boosting performance and increasing profits.


The use of the electronic shelf label (ESL) system greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of price changes, and the price management on shelves has become a piece of cake from now on.

The radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is adopted to completely improve the working process of inventory, and realize the traceability of goods in full circulation

By deploying a complete EAS (Electronic Commodity Security) system, it provides a strong production security guarantee for commodity assets, which greatly reduces the loss of store property.

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