• Electronic Article Surveillance System

    As retailers search for a positive but unique customer shopping experience, we have developed a brand-new EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) system to accommodate market demands. We named the new system AntennaLess. The major part of AntennaLess is designed to guard not only at entry/exit point, but also the location that needs to be more secured. Looking at more forms, we already designed types mounted under floor, overhead, and within any possible facilities. We believe the hidden EAS solution will gain more popularity but imbedded with more security features.
  • EAS Accessories

    Ontime EAS accessories are quality-enhanced and built on a high-standard production process, to consolidate with both high-performance Acoustic-Magnetic (AM) and Radio Frequency (RF) systems. The accessories include a great variety of hard tags, paper labels, pins & lanyards, detachers, self-alarms, and related items, giving better protection and choices to the shopping environment.
  • EAS Antenna

    We answer the questions of how protective and how much values EAS systems are by providing better antennas and integrated accessories. By developing both RF and AM detection systems, we help our customers to find immediate impacts on merchandise protection, operation efficiency, and other asset management in various retail settings.

Why Choose Ontime EAS



    Studying the retail trend and looking ahead, we are moving fast and working with our partners to a new landscape to help retailers sell more and lose less.



    Our team is striving to evolve current product lines to the more robust, cost-effective, and smart product ranges. By using technologies, our EAS products become more intelligent and user-friendly. 



    Work together and grow together is one of our faiths to success. By building such an open platform, we put our efforts to enhance the partnerships and dig into new business.


  • What is RF (Radio-frequency) Systems?

    Security tags that are tuned circuits consisting of an inductor and a capacitor. These security tags operate at a commonly used frequency of 8.2 MHz. Deactivation of these security labels or security tags is achieved by detuning the circuit or partially destroying the capacitor by using a strong electromagnetic field.

  • What is AM (Acousto-magnetic) System?

    The AM system/antenna emit periodic tonal bursts at about 58 kHz causing the magnetic strips (of AM label) to vibrate and depending on the change on the magnetization will cause the EAS detection system or antennas to detect the change and sound an alarm.

  • What is Source Tagging?

    Source tagging is the application of EAS security tags at the source instead of at the retail chain. For retailers, source tagging eliminates the intense labor required to apply the EAS tags to the merchandise. Source tagging allows the EAS tags to be concealed within the product packaging and more difficult to remove.

  • What are Hard Tags?

    Hard tags are reusable security tags and must be removed at the Point-of-Sale. Once deactivated and removed they are saved for future application to merchandise, and then reactivated.

  • What are Soft Tags?

    RF security tags that can be concealed in merchandise packaging. Due to their low cost they are used once ad disposable.

  • What are RF Paper Labels?

    Security labels that are affixed to merchandise to deter shoplifters. The RF labels are usually small, inconspicuous and usually found inside the packaging of the merchandise. The process of placing the RF labels in the packing is known as Source-Tagging.

Custom Electronic Article Surveillance System

  • The Essence of An EAS System
    The Essence of An EAS System

    EAS technology is originated for retail industry to protect the merchandise andothe in-store assets from shoplifing and theft.The security tag or label will triggeran alarm at exit/entrance when the merchandise a customer take is unpaid andthe tag or label attached are not removed or deactivated.

  • Ontime's Innovation
    Ontime's Innovation

    Apart from the standardized products, our team dig deeply for retailer's insights, study on various retail environments to develop and tailor noticeably superior products and solutions that are innovative, low cost, and durable. We believe a perfect balance between security and shopper's experience. We work for lift-up for the shop's sales and security.    

  • Ontime's Commitment
    Ontime's Commitment

    To advance a wide variety of solutions for the stores to reduce loss and improve profits. We have proven successes in supermarkets, fashion stores, department stores, convenience stores, outlets, etc. 

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