The beauty industry, a consumer market with rigid demand and high purchase frequency, has ushered in rapid development with the continuous drive of consumption upgrades and the "appearance economy."

However, under the impact of the Internet economy, beauty stores' inherent operation and management model has been challenging to drive continuous growth. The most significant challenge is the homogeneous competition of products. Second, the customer repurchase rate is low, and the repurchase cycle is long; in addition, the loss of employees is profound. The high wage cost is also continuously reducing the store's gross profit.

Deploy a digital signage system to provide vivid content and establish an immersive shopping environment

Facilitate interaction systems at critical locations to bridge products and customers' interests. Accurately record the data of the pick-up time and rate, and provide a reliable basis for shop assistants to adjust merchandising

Install an electronic shelf label system to change prices in real-time, and the promotion effect is more guaranteed

EAS Equipment for Health & Beauty

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