1. The use of EAS soft labels

Supermarket retail goods are generally divided into two categories: one is "soft" goods, such as clothing, shoes, and hats, and knitted products, which are generally protected by hard labels and can be used repeatedly; the other is "hard" goods, such as cosmetics, food, shampoo, etc., which are protected by soft labels The other category is "hard" goods such as cosmetics, food, shampoo, etc., which are protected by soft labels, also called EAS labels, which are usually demagnetized at the till and are generally used on a one-off basis. The use of soft labels is much higher.

2. Advantages of EAS soft labels

(1)Because the production cost of anti-theft soft labels is relatively low, and, it is relatively simple to operate, the need for equipment is also relatively small, so its price is much cheaper compared to the hard labels, for many shops that do not have sufficient financial strength, choose it is not a good choice.

(2)The hard label needs to be played through to be able to install a good, and some goods are not able to deal with this, in this case, you can choose EAS soft label, so we see the vast majority of goods in the supermarkets are labeled with soft labels, only the clothing category to choose to use the hard label.

(3)Many people will think that the EAS soft label is just an ordinary magnetic stripe, it must not be ideal for theft prevention, but in fact, it is not only good for theft prevention, but also reduces the chances of false alarms and missed alarms, especially DR labels (anti-theft magnetic strip), but also to a certain extent waterproof, so in many small goods, DR labels are very widely used.

(4)Soft labels are relatively small, can be attached to the goods, are more accurate as well as more versatile, visual security information and goods packaging integration to ensure that consumers can be more quickly checkout, optimize consumer satisfaction, will not reduce the sense of the experience of goods.

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