EAS/RFID/Smart Retail Solution

  • Jewelry
    Our professional solutions even covers the smallest piece of merchandise. When we launch RFID jewelry tag to the market, we find it is more than just a surprise to the shops.
  • Electronics
    To upgrade open display with the industry leading protection. Secure electronic products with better merchandising and better customer interactions.
  • Automobile
    When car sales encounter bottlenecks, we can always find a way to help them regain the attention and recognition of customers.
  • Apperal
    Help experience unbelievable security with our advanced and cost-effective EAS system, tagging from the source brings great convenience to retailers. Considering the ever-growing costs of inventory, we provide reliable RFID solutions to help manage large quantity of goods.
  • Health & Beauty
    Better protect a wide range of products sold on open display. Our all-type accessories can meet the needs from big packages to small sizes. Power the multi-channel shopping experience by the newest interaction technology on a cloud-based or store-based platform.
  • Supermarket & Convenience Store
    Various EAS solutions to protect shopping environment and save costs on the investment of shop security. Meantime, we develop smart solutions to evolve shop fittings with new functions.
  • Luxury
    Luxury products are never easy to protect and usually adopt less technology for merchandising and inventory. Our goal is to redefine the way we create a secured shopping environment for luxury products, and create positive impact on branding.
  • Home Furnishing
    We have studied the trend of home furnishing retail, and we found that it is irreversible that a store deployed digital shelves and other smart devices are more welcome by young visitors.
  • Medical Service
    With the mission to import RFID technology to the process of building a smooth medical service, we answer the first question of how to manage the medical assets in a proper way.
  • Financial
    By using RFID, we can deal with the challenges in the finance and insurance industries.
  • Hotel
    Normally, hotel assets are made of a wide range of materials. Combining two-dimensional code and RFID technology to improve the identification, we can actually help the hotels manage a great number of assets.
  • Manufacturing & Office
    We developed an effective system to track the assets for manufacturing. By this system, factories can easily obtain data from the whole lifecycle of each tool.
  • Logistics
    Our proven RFID technology aimed to work for more transportation and logistics companies over a complete process.
  • Warehouse
    Our advanced system provides reliable experience for warehouse management and is applied to reach better coordination and movements of the goods
  • Garment Manufacturing
    Ontime RFID solutions for garment industry represent the most advanced technology on the globe and brings the exciting possibilities for garment companies who want to increase operate efficiency and save massive costs from an accurate inventory.
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