Medical scenarios are divided into surgical instrument management and medical clothing management. As the primary surgery tool, surgical instruments need to be effectively supervised during the operation. In the classification and coding, disinfection, storage, distribution, and recycling of surgical instruments, and during the procedure, RFID handhelds or fixed readers are used for rapid identification and management. At the same time, it is connected to the HIS system and the material management system, which is easy to trace and can realize self-service collection and timely replenishment of drugs/consumables to reduce the occurrence of errors and improve management efficiency.

For medical staff's work clothes, surgical clothes, and patients' clothing fabrics, it is necessary to carry out refined management to ensure a safe supply of quilts. RFID technology is used for identification and statistics of the distribution, recycling, classification, and washing of quilts, which can realize contactless handover, avoid cross-infection, and the process does not require manual operation records, improving efficiency and accuracy, data exchange, and multi-platform linkage, which can guarantee Clothing supply.

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