• Smart Retail Platform

    To make stores smart and more dedicated to the shopping experience, we have built a highly integrated system to enable multiple locations with the ability of dynamic advertising and real-time information display. Our smart retail platform is highly automated and custom to fit various needs and settings. Both cloud and local deployment are available. And business plans are well proceeded to drive sales and collect floor insights.
  • Electronic Shelf Label

    A device that retailers can use to display product content on shelves without changing and replacing paper labels. Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) serves us with a much more efficient operation, a dramatical reduction of paper waste, and so many solutions we can use for retails and other industries.
  • LCD Strip Display

    The stretched LCD displays are cut to provide an ultra-wide view and mounted especially on shelves. It is often used in shopping malls, exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants, and chain stores.
  • LCD Commercial Display

    The amazing device we can always count on to better get visitors' attention, either to display static content or to show dynamic information. It is capable to feature a more robust environment and offering users a real-time content management tool.
  • Bluetooth Sensors

    Our technology allows users to look into consumer behavior via an app or software linked with customized sensors attached to displays or merchandise. Tabbing on customer insights, we help retailers to manage the most attractive promotions for repeat business.

Why Choose Ontime Smart Retail Equipments

  • Software


    As a software developer with rich experience, we differentiate ourselves from other hardware suppliers by generating a better, faster, and smarter shopping journey.

  • Flexibility


    We have standard and tailor-made solutions to meet all the expections coming from retailing landscape.   

  • End-to-end


    Through years' effort, we raise up our production process to take requirements from markets to design or product without any assistance of third party.

Smart Retail Equipment FAQs

  • What we do for our clients?

    We provide hardware and software solutions to create more fundamental features of smart retail business.  

  • What is our mission?

    Through Internet of Things, artifial intelligence and cloud computing technology, we help retailers optimize their operation efficiency and increase shopping satisfaction.

  • What is our complete offer?

    Electronic shelf label (ESL), LCD stripe display, commercial display, sensors, and platform (CMS).

Smart Retail Equipment Advantages

  • Solutions with value
    Solutions with value

    We as a developer and manufacturer, offer our clients with so many products and solutions that pave the way for them through the digital transformation in retail. So retailers can stay up-to-date with the ever-changing market preferrence. 

  • IT security
    IT security

    Smart retail is not free from security issue that occurred in any IT infrastructure. Therefore, the job we did to prevent security risks is prior to all.    

  • Simplify complex decisions
    Simplify complex decisions

    In practice, the brick-and-mortar of retail don't exactly know customer insights and shopping preferrence. The figures reflected by tickets are far not enough for business decisions. So the vital point came out that we help end users accumulate data by the way of communication between devices and customers. And the real-time data work as a core of any anlysis tool for store marketing and business action plan. 

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