• RFID Asset Management System

    We provide more availabilities that end users can rely on to automate the process of monitoring and tracking on an unbelievable level. Putting an end to the highly error-prone methods of pen-and-paper and excel spreadsheets, users can actually benefit from higher accuracy of inventory management, principal reduction of human handling and errors, significant improvements in assets visibility, etc. We have proven our successes by bringing one-stop solutions to retail, logistic, manufacturing, and many other sectors.
  • RFID Label & Tag

    RFID tags are composed of UHF soft tags and UHF hard tags and they have the advantages of waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature resistance, long life, large reading distance, data encryption, large storage capacity, and easily modifying stored information.
  • UHF Readers

    RFID readers including scanner and desktop reader, which automatically identify multiple RFID tags and obtain related data at the same time by using radio frequency(RF)signal, is easy to operation.
  • RFID Equipment

    RFID equipment have strong anti-interference and integrated appearance, which are durable and suitable for a variety of project scenarios. we support customer customization needs, and provide after-sales service and technical support.
  • RFID Cabinets

    Scanning high-value inventory with RFID label within a space of cabinet, and track the in-and-out activities.

Why Choose Ontime RFID

  • One-Stop Service

    One-Stop Service

    Expanding value-added from sales and service, we not only provide product (RFID tags, RFID readers), but also provide related technical service, after-sales service, installation, implementation and others.

  • Product Customization

    Product Customization

    Ontime supports customization from RFID products (RFID tags and RFID readers) to a variety of solutions, to meet the application needs of different customers.

  • A Strong Development Team

    A Strong Development Team

    With excellent technical advantages, strong development team and the design concept of tending to be younger and modern, our products can meet or even exceed customers' expectations, realize   functions and standardize and diversify the products at the same time.


  • What are the characteristics of RFID technology?

    Applicability, efficiency, uniqueness and simplicity.

  • What is RFID technology?

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, which generally refers to radio frequency identification technology. The principle is to carry out non-contact data communication between the reader and the tag to effect the purpose of identifying the target.

  • What are the advantages of RFID tags compared with barcode?

    RFID tags can scan multiple tags fast at the same time, while the barcode can only be scanned once. Moreover, RFID tags have strong anti pollution and durability, and can be reused.

  • What's the difference between low frequency, high frequency and ultra high frequency?

    First, the working frequency is different (low frequency: about 125kHz; High frequency: 13.56MHz; UHF or UHF: 860-960mhz); Secondly, the reading distance is different.

  • How do RFID electronic tags work?

    The data is stored in an RFID tag chip waiting to be read; the tag's antenna receives the electromagnetic field emitted by the RFID reader antenna; under the power of the electromagnetic field emitted by the internal battery or the reader, the tag sends radio waves to the reader ; The reader receives the radio waves emitted by the tag and interprets its corresponding frequency data.

  • What are the application fields of RFID technology?

    Warehousing, logistics, transportation, asset management, anti-counterfeiting traceability, washing.

RFID Customized Products And Applications

  • Customized Software Platform Development
    Customized Software Platform Development

    Ontime RFID has an experienced development team, which can tailor a series of software that meets the actual application of the customer according to the needs of customers. At the same time, it produces standardized software products covering various solutions to meet general and customized solutions.

  • New Application Scenarios Exploration
    New Application Scenarios Exploration

    Based on the existing application scenarios of RFID technology, Ontime continues to explore new application scenarios and copy them horizontally, opening up a new development space for the application of RFID technology. From the retail stores, warehousing and logistics covered by traditional barcode technology, to the medical, transportation and other industries with higher demand and in line with the development of the market environment, Ontime RFID has devoted itself and customized a series of suitable application solutions.

  • High Efficiency, Standardization And Lean Management
    High Efficiency, Standardization And Lean Management

    Ontime RFID can provide customers with a complete set of high-efficiency, standardized and precise solutions, reduce work intensity and management difficulty, strengthen customers' information collection methods and efficiency, and digital management of the entire life cycle, which facilitates lean management of enterprises.

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