As the traditional car market is gradually saturated, savvy customers have learned to choose more reasonable prices and services from multiple channels. At the same time, young generations generally pursue a more personalized car buying experience. According to statistics, the average user satisfaction level of 4S (sale, spare part, service and survey)stores is only 20-30%. The quality of the staff in some 4S stores is uneven, the service level is not high, and user loyalty is naturally going down. Some stores have already started to provide digital services to make up for their "congenital deficiencies" by deploying intelligent devices to assist sales and achieve positive results.


  • Ontime's innovative solution helps 4S stores enhance the interaction between brands and users. e.g., visualize the latest and most complete functions on touchable screens. At the same time, the system will process data collection once customers touch or move products bound with sensors. This way, stores can deliver self-service for car purchases for customers who prefer to select cars, order cars, and customize personalized components.

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