Electronic Article Surveillance System

When leading the trend of the EAS retail applications, we insist on innovating above-competition solutions and improving product quality and performance. Every year, we deliver a large number of excellent products to the world. At the same time, we strive to integrate the industrial chain, increase the manufacturing capabilities, and provide customers with better OEM and ODM services.

EAS Antenna-Less System


​Embedded with the new wireless security module, the Antenna-less System broaden the detection range horizontally and vertically. The base station can be mounted somewhere that normally visitors will not be aware of. Customers actually receive a complete set of perceptions inspired by the feelings, emotions, and sensations delivered from a brand-new range presentation secured by a wireless and invisible EAS system.
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    The new system will help save labor costs and remove blind spots of customer feedback so that sales will be able to provide more proactive and responsive services. This could happen in the high-end retail business that comes with a comfy and interactive shopping experience yet requires security.

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    Collecting invisible data on shelves and floors in real-time through induction technology, the tags are designed to report data and information to the platform empowered by the amazing coming functions.

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    Various dashboards will be a good helper for store management to make decisions, to make the floor layout dynamically feedback market demand, and improve store output efficiency.

EAS Antenna-free system is undoubtedly an indispensable new anti-theft solution in the trend of retail and unmanned stores after the deep integration of online business and offline retail.

EAS Antenna-Less System

Carpet Antennas

Carpet antennas are used at store entrances and exit to detect theft of items. It has unique advantages in various retail scenarios, which can effectively limit the theft of goods, improve the shopping experience, and optimize inventory management. Unlike traditional EAS systems, it is almost invisible relative to other facilities in the store, achieving the purpose of stealth.
  • Super-easy installmentand invisible

    Super-easy installmentand invisible

    Plug-and-play, hidden as a coating on the ground, which greatly improves accessibility

  • Wireless connection

    Wireless connection

    An optional version for wirelessly control the system on your computer

  • Excellent detection

    Excellent detection

    Detection as good as traditional EAS antennas

Carpet antenna adopts ultra-thin invisible design, supports wireless connection, is easy to install, and has strong anti-interference ability. These advantages create a seamless shopping environment for customers, and the application range can cover high-end supermarkets, shopping centers, Fashion stores, cosmetic stores, etc

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