Bluetooth Sensors

  • smart convenience store
  • smart retail store
  • smart retails
  • smart convenience store
  • smart retail store
  • smart retails

A small device equipped with displacement sensing technology. Mainly provide solutions for customer interaction at retail stores.

Item No.PictureDescriptionDimension (mm)Reading distanceBattery life
SR2018A Linear Variable Differential TransformerGravity sensor150*150*1610 meters500 days
SR2016Curved Linear Array TransducerLight sensor120*120*30
550 days
SR2022esl-e-ink.jpgInfrared sensor225*107*3810 meters500 days
SR2006esl-electronic.jpgMotion sensord 2020 meters550 days
SR2001Curved Linear Ultrasound ProbeMotion sensor with pind 3420 meters550 days
SR2002Cylinder Position SensorsMotion sensor with lock55*42*1520 meters550 days
SR2004Displacement TransducersSensor receiver68*20*720 meters


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