An electronic shelf label is an electronic label that displays price information in supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies. It is mainly placed on the shelf as an electronic display device that replaces traditional paper price tags. The electronic shelf label system is connected with the computer database of the shopping mall through the wireless network, and the latest price information of the commodity is displayed in real-time and accurately.

1. Advantages of electronic shelf label

(1) Fast and accurate price display to improve customer satisfaction;

(2) More functions than paper labels (such as display of promotional signs, membership price, multi-currency price, unit price, inventory, etc.);

(3) Reduce the production and maintenance costs of paper labels;

(4) Eliminate technical obstacles to the active implementation of price strategy;

(5) Unify online and offline product information.

2. Electronic shelf label technology promotes the development of new retail

The unified solution centered on electronic shelf label technology is a bridge for the entire new retail industry. With its powerful functions, high efficiency, and low error rate, it has opened up the new retail industry cycle centered on the relationship between people, goods, and markets. In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the retail industry, whether it is the transformation of traditional retailers or new players joining the track, electronic shelf label can be seen.

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