1. RFID Reader Technology

The full English name of RFID is Radio Frequency Identification, RFID reader technology, also known as an electronic label, radio frequency identification, inductive electronic chip, proximity card, proximity card, contactless card, or electronic barcode.

RFID reader radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically identifies target objects and obtains relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work does not require manual intervention and can work in various harsh environments.

RFID reader technology can identify high-speed moving objects and identify multiple tags at the same time, which is fast and convenient to operate. Short-range RF products are not afraid of harsh environments such as oil stains and dust pollution and can replace barcodes in such environments, such as tracking objects on the factory assembly line. Long-distance radio frequency products are mostly used in traffic, and the identification distance can reach tens of meters, such as automatic toll collection or identification of vehicle identity.

2. Radio frequency identification system architecture

A typical RFID reader system is mainly composed of four parts: reader, electronic label, RFID middleware and application system software. Generally, we refer to middleware and application software as application systems.

In practical RFID solutions, different types of RFID readers contain some basic components. Components are divided into hardware components and software components.

From the perspective of functional realization, the RFID reader system can be divided into two parts: the edge system and the software system. The edge system mainly completes information perception and belongs to the hardware component part; the software system completes the processing and application of information; the communication facility is responsible for the entire RFID system. Information transfer.

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