Ontime’s RFID warehouse solutions have been widely used for warehouse management to the full potential: simplifying warehouse operations in high-efficient routines. 

In conjunction with a complete set of devices, Ontime’s SCM system stands out of the many others for the most cost-effective portfolios. 

Value points are usually generated from the whole warehouse working process, which covers: loading & unloading, goods entry, sorting, stocking, inventory, picking, checking, delivery, and many other operation flows. Our RFID solution helps users to read-write data easily and gather information instantly from the processes when does not sacrifice continuous tracking of a large number of cargos. Among the cargos, each item is encoded with a unique serial number before it got into the processes, so the data accuracy is tremendously improved. The real-time data is transmitted to the backend system, to create user-friendly visibility for the warehouse management system. 

  • Simplify routine logistics operations

  • Reduce time and labor

  • Increase data accuracy

  • Better space management

  • High data visibility

  • Record losses

EAS Equipment for Warehouse

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