Over the years, many luxury brands have begun to focus on their official websites, but traffic data shows that they are worrying. So there are few successful online models for the luxury industry. On the other hand, stores are still the "main battlefield" of luxuries. Therefore, offline stores need to constantly think about how to introduce high-quality customers, provide the best-personalized service, implement sales strategies with the website, and ensure the pure tonality of the brand.

The EAS Antennaless System provides a variety of customized anti-theft components to protect the safety of commodity assets to the greatest extent while ensuring the best brand image. Store staff can have more time to communicate with customers and learn about their preferences to guide them to the best products.

Use the RFID system solution to identify a unique code for each product. Connect seamlessly with the cloud data platform, accurately track the product's final destination, and provide accurate data support for adjusting sales strategies.

EAS Equipment for Luxury

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