Nike by Melrose, a new concept retail store for American sports clothing giant Nike Live, opened in Los Angeles recently. The highlight of this store is not only to improve the quality of service but also to rely on relevant data, closely linked to local consumption characteristics for operation.


New services provided by Nike by Melrose:

1. With the help of Nike Expert, we, one of the professional electronic article surveillance companies, can try on and buy shoes quickly and easily. It is reported that this service can help customers select the desired goods within 5 to 10 minutes, and can effectively improve the efficiency of customers' sports shoe purchases.

2. In the Sunker Bar area, if you want to explore by yourself, customers can also use Nike's app to sweep the products on the shelves and help themselves understand the relevant information.

3. Nike by Melrose also provides Nike Plus Unlocks, which consumers can reserve for selected items, which are placed in a locker that can be opened by Nike app scanning.

4. For those who are too lazy to enter the store, just want to buy a pair of shoes when they pass the store. The brand also provides a pick-up machine located outside the store.

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