1. EAS hard tag

The EAS hard tag is part of the EAS system. EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance), also known as Electronic Article Surveillance System, is one of the commodity security measures widely used in the large-scale retail industry. The EAS system is mainly composed of three parts: a detector (Sensor), a decoder (Deactivator), and an electronic label (Electronic Label and Tag), as well as auxiliary equipment and an unlocker.

The EAS hard tag consists of two parts: a steel pin and a buckled seat. When the steel pin is inserted, the iron ring and steel ball inside the magnetic buckle press down the steel pin under the elastic force of the spring. The steel needle has circular grooves one by one, and the surface of the steel ball is just stuck in the groove of the steel needle. This is why when we pull the anti-theft magnetic buckle by hand, it will become tighter and tighter.

2. Principle of EAS hard tag unlocking

The cashier will use a special strong magnet (commonly known as the EAS hard rag unlocker) to place the strong magnet on the upper part of the EAS hard tag. The steel ball and iron ring inside the EAS hard tag are attracted by the strong magnet, and the spring is compressed upward. At this time, the steel ball is removed from the groove of the steel needle, and the steel needle can be easily removed.

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