Ontime EAS accessories are known as the most trusted and reliable products that retailers can count on. Over the past decade, we developed and produced more than a thousand items, which work best for the stores to protect against shoplifting and theft.

  • Mitag Mitag
    As one of the new generation EAS solutions from Ontime, Mitag secured store assests on a higher level.
  • Alarm Security Spider Wrap Alarm Security Spider Wrap
    A powerful security device to maximize the sales opportunity without sacrifising the product image.
  • EAS Hard Tag EAS Hard Tag
    Reusable security tags made of durable materials and must be unlocked at the Point-of-Sale or entrance.
  • EAS Ink Tag EAS Ink Tag
    Equipped with two or three ink vials, an AM or RF circuit, and a SuperLock Clutch to be applied as the benefit denial solution.
  • EAS Bottle Tag EAS Bottle Tag
    Work with almost all the bottles sold in the beverage retailing area, utilizing a strong metal cable or a special mechanical structure that allows it to lock any bottle thickness.
  • EAS Optical Tag EAS Optical Tag
    It is usually made of a special lock device, with a rubber inside the cross to avoid scratches on the glasses.
  • EAS Safer EAS Safer
    Usually a box of high-strength plastic for protecting some high-value and high-theft items, which can not attaching an EAS tag.
  • EAS Soft Label EAS Soft Label
    Security labels that are affixed to merchandise. The RF labels are usually small, inconspicuous and usually placed inside the packaging of the merchandise.
  • EAS Pin EAS Pin
    Attached to hard tag to secure the merchandise. Mostly applied in the garment retailing, such as clothes, shoes, bags, belts, home textile product, sporting goods, etc.

EAS Accessories Feature

Our EAS accessories are quality-enhanced and built on high-standard production process, to consolidate with both high-performance Acoustic-Magnetic (AM) and Radio Frequency (RF) systems. The accessories include a great variety of hard tags, paper labels, pins & lanyards, detachers, the self-alarms and related items, giving better protection and choices to shopping environment. 

Standing at the forefront of retail loss prevention, our product lines are progressively expanded to more advanced models which are versatile and user-friendly. By better satisfying the market, we put our budget on more solutions to turn the major loss factors to profit growth. 

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